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Research into plate elongation distribution between the tension leveler and temper mill for pickling line at Baosteel is conducted. The study, which involved performance testing of mechanics, is designed at different elongation distributions and analyzed from many aspects. Finally, the optimal elongation of the tension leveler and temper mill is given.Mill speed..... 0/250/500 FPM (0/76/152 MPM) Mill rolls: work roll nominal diameter 1.125 in. (28.6 mm) 1st Intermediate roll nominal diameter 2.062 in. (52.4 mm) 2nd Intermediate roll nominal diameter 3.600 in. (91.4 mm) Mill bearings20 HI COLD MILLS Magadh can supply 20-hi mills for strip width up to mm, minimum finish strip thickness up to 0.05 mm and mill speeds up to 800 MPM which are quite popular for rolling high tensile ferrous and non-ferrous metal strips especially of wider.

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tention of temper rolling mill GM stone crusher machine is designed to achieve maximum productivity and high reduction ratio. From large primary jaw crusher and impact crusher to cone crusher and VSI series for secondary or tertiary stone crushing, GM can ...On the tension elongation control system of temper mill in cold rolling thin gauge product line, the roll diameter of coiling always varies. The electromechanical time constant in the tension system model is varies with the nonlinear law. So this paper proposes a piecewise multiple model switching adaptive control method, which can solve the defect problem of the linear regulator that is ...**Rolling Mill Department China Steel Corporation Hsiao Kang, Kaohsiung , Taiwan, R.O.C. ***Himag Magnetic Co., Ltd., Taiwan, R.O.C. The temper rolling process is an essential step for the modification of the surface quality of cold rolled steels (CR) by.

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Oils, soap emulsions, fatty acids are used as lubricants during hot rolling non-ferrous metals. Mineral oils, paraffin, fatty acids are used for cold rolling. Normally, foe ferrous alloys no lubricant is used. 1.7 Rolling mill control: Production of continuous sheets and · A Temper Mill With Roller Leveling A number of recent-model coil lines for heavy-gauge hot-rolled plate include a temper mill just before the leveler (see Figure 4).The effect on material surface quality, flatness, and stability is significant. This is especially important for ...Quality Rolling Mill Machines, Tandem Rolling Mill & Temper Rolling Mill suppliers & exporter - all products made in China. We had been friendly and long-term cooperation with Wuye . We are looking forward to greater win-win cooperation with.

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tained. Dixon et al. @3# applied this model to foil rolling at high reduction and temper rolling with minimum reduction. Gratacos et al. @4# overcome the numerical difficulty by applying an arbi-trary friction law to the no-slip regions. Their strategy has been given aTandem cold rolling process is a nonlinear complex system with external and internal uncertainties and significant disturbances. The improvement in the quality of the final output depends on the control strategy of centerline thickness and interstand tension. This paper focuses on interstand tension control problem in 5-stand tandem cold rolling mills. Tension dynamics can be described by a ...The American Rolling Mill Company (ARMCO) was founded by George Verity in Middletown, Ohio, in December , and produced its first steel in . At the time, Verity managed the American Steel Roofing Company in Cincinnati, and wanted to combine the two steel production processes by forming an integrated steel mill in order to produce a.

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temper mill ij Roberts' model.Yx The first step ofthis mathematical model cjtimate the rolling force: the second tcp ctimatc the bending force. using prcviou ctimation of the rolling force as an input parameter. However. such physical · The rolling force, strip elongation rate, and tension of temper rolling mill were optimized to realize comprehensive control of the surface quality and shape of temper rolling strip []. In addition, the surface cleanliness and shape of the strip were improved by optimizing the flux, concentration, and temperature of the emulsion [ 67 ].Closed-Loop Elongation Initially Active, then Constant- Force Mode Bad Shape: Center-Buckle & Edge-Wave at the same time. Running on the edge of Bad Shape. Roll Bending changes made either Center-Buckle or Edge- Wave worse. Roll Force maintained at ~250 Tons to maintain shape. ~1% Elongation while maintaining shape.

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Temper /. Skin Pass Mills. The device uses skin pass rolling to improve the mechanical properties and surface texture, and improve flatness, in order to form materials such as hot-rolled steel sheets, cold-rolled steel sheets, stainless steel plates, and aluminum plates into final products. Since it conducted tests with its own test equipment ...being used off-line, there are a skinpass mill and a tension leveler installed in a temper process line (TPL). In regard to the skinpass mill, various types of a 4Hi equipped with a bender, or a 6Hi with an intermediate roll shift + a bender are employed depending on · Looper and tension control, shown in Fig. 2, is important in hot strip mills because they affect both the dimensional quality and the mass flow of a strip. The high strip tension between stands induces width shrinkage, thickness reduction and moreover can produce an edge wave on a strip. However, it does make the mass flow more stable and hence.